Wednesday, January 27, 2016

You Do the Aftermath

It's been 5 days since the snow storm struck.
Four days of drinking tea. (and stronger brews)
Three snow days for DCPS.
Two of my bus routes not running.
One car dug out.

The mathematics of a major snowstorm in Washington equals.... a beautiful head ache.

It sure was pretty coming down. Exciting, too. My neighbor Doug broke out his home made Apple jack, and it was well worth the trek through the blizzard to sample his home brew by a wood stove. And so we hunkered down comfortably enough, waiting for the end game. And that's when everything went haywire.

We the People, or make that We the Entitled People seem to expect food back on shelves, parking places cleared, and slow pokes to get out of the way as soon as that last snow flake lands. There was a pause, yes, and then it was Monday. Major DC streets were impassable or reduced to one lane. Snow mountains at intersections made crossing streets a game of blind man's bluff for both pedestrians and drivers. My neighbors emerged for the big dig, only to have their efforts thwarted by snow plows plugging cars back into their igloos.

I finally ventured out yesterday. I know there are wonderful people out there digging out neighbors, but once our species gets behind the wheel, a different animal emerges. (You guys hanging out at the back door of the liquor store- I saw you throw a snowball at the SUV tearing up the block. Thank you.)

For unfathomable reasons the grand plaza in front of my Safeway was completely clear, except for the bus stop. Of course the D6 was not running yet, but wouldn't you think a potential Safeway customer might pop off when it is? Inside the Safeway don't even think about looking for a tomato. Or lettuce. Or  produce. But it's wintertime So be it.

 Things got weirder today. Not one but two backhoes and several dump trucks showed up to push the snow into huge and piles AND Take It Away. Wait?  What?  I've been here through storms when this dead end street was left unplowed, and we were left for dead. But rumor has it that somebody Very Important must live nearby now because we have never seen anything like this. Wow. You couldn't see the street our feet wouldn't even get wet. Go figure.

What is most frustrating is when entities like DC Public schools announce triumphantly that schools are open, yet my son can't catch the bus which declares its coming then "disappears" and never arrives. For over an hour. Or when commerce takes precedence over safety. No wonder people go crazy in cars.

With the impending warming trend, things might- just might- be back to normal by the weekend for everyone (no matter who lives on your block.)  Please check DC ROCKS' calendar to alleviate that cabin fever which includes Little Red for all of you that can't make Mardi Gras this year. True confession. This correspondent will be skipping town to catch a little early carnival action. Not that I don't love my home town, but there's a King cake down South calling my name...and no chance of snow.

New Orleans 1936 by Walker Evans

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