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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wednesday's Child

When I was in third grade, Wednesday was the worst day of the week. We spent all day in the class room with Mrs. "Battle-Axe" Jackson presiding.  No music. No gym. No art. No exit. Seven subjects:

Social Studies. The book started out great about a couple of kids named Mark and Kathy King whose family was moving to New Mexico, but "good times in the desert"  quickly deteriorated into boring facts and numbers about dams.
Science.(Wonder what that was all about)
Reading. Could have been a break, but they made us read those SLR things, and everyone knew which colors meant you were "slow."
English. (Yes, they separated that out.) "English" meant grammar.
Writing.  That meant penmanship. I got a D+ there even though my report card says I was spoken to several times about "refining" this skill. (I don't even think they teach this anymore.)
Spelling. Yup, yet another subject.
Arithmetic.  I still can't even spell it much less do it.  And at the end of the day? We had to go home and do homework. In all seven subjects.

Wednesdays are still a rough one for a lot of people. That's why The Bumper Jacksons and Miss Tess and The Talkbacks want you to come see them "after school" tomorrow night at Gypsy Sally's in Georgetown.  Two unique and very fun bands will make you forget all about homework. Early school night show- starts at 8 DST.

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