Sunday, April 2, 2017

Two Ply Plea

Spring is here, D.C. Opening Day is tomorrow. Everything is blooming. Birds going ape. Summer is around the bend and that means rocking out at Fort Reno. We hope. From the Slickee Boys to the boys from Fugazi - collectively we've got a lot of memories:  Grin. Tinseled Sin. Babe. Crank. Going Going Gone. Razz. Liz Meyer with Danny Gatton. The Neptunes. Claude Jones. Dinettes. Priests. Tru Fax.  No Trend. The Upsetters. And more recently: Greenland. Nunchucks, Hello Dharma. The Evens. Sleeper Agent. Pup Tent. The Black Sparks.

Davis White recalls: "Fugazi playing on the fringes of a thunderstorm, and if you were there, you know the moment. (Huge fifteen fingered lightning in the sky behind the stage during a dramatic pause in a song."

Recently the Fort has been held hostage by security issues meaning this all volunteer event has to cough up dough to pay for a police presence or it's a no go. We the people who love to rock need to  make sure this unique series survives. Please hit up this link to help.

And another S.O.S. this time in Arlingtron which is rapidly being swallowed wholesale by soulless development. Now IOTA is on the chopping block and faces extinction by corporation. Music fans there are trying to save this space from oblivion starting with a petition to the developer and Arlington County. Here's the link if you would like to sign.

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