Thursday, June 1, 2017

Long Live Rock n Roll

Once upon a time, most of us lived in a world relatively untouched by digital logic circuits. Yes, we had transistor radios, but we still had to be at home to answer the phone.  We lived in caves, but we did have lots of live music starting with middle school mixers and high school proms. (Fancy Colors, y'all.)  Plus there were loads of little clubs. Emergency, Babe's, The Far Inn, One Step Down,  One Flight Up,  Takoma Tap Room, Columbia Station,  Childe Harold, L.B.J Club, Italian Gardens, Friendship Station,  My Friend's Place, Gallagher's, The Keg.

Now it's deejays at school events and rocketing real estate values have brought down many an old haunt.  The smaller venues are as endangered as this tiny dude.

 Forest Owlet
Out in the wilds of Palisades, there's been no live music since Starland Cafe closed its doors many a moon ago. This Saturday, however, The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours will storm the castle with a church basement rock party just off the Boulevard. There's a real stage and plenty of dance floor.  And you won't be paying ten dollars for a beer because it's BYOB.   Tickets at the door.  Details here.

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