Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Punk Rock Bucks the Week Night

It's been a rough week already, and it's only Tuesday. Why wait around for the weekend?Break with routine tomorrow when Slash Run hosts X_X, Kohoutek, Ex-Motorcycle Couriers (XMC) and Dot Dash. My pal Bill Hanke strikes again with his precise and informed description of the bands on tap:

"Headliner Cleveland punk legends X__X feature John D. Morton from the Electric Eels which started in 1973. Band members went on to Pere Ubu and the Cramps. This is the real deal."

On the local side:

"Dot Dash brings skillfully crafted non-threatening pop music.  

Kohoutek does heavy psychedelic space rock better than any. John Stanton, from dc space favorite The Redeemers, plays lead guitar.  

And harDCore veterans XMC (Holy Rollers, Negative Approach) play straight up aggressive punk rock.  XMC have that unique harDCore sound that sets them apart from bands that didn't come from that era. Songs that pummel the senses like a car crusher. far from mellowing after all these years, they have just gotten better. Pull the cork out and take a drink. Don't stop until the bottle is empty." 

Thank you, Bill. 

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