Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Beat Goes On

The Billy Hancock tribute last Sunday was a major rocking love fest.  The event sold out, but the folks at Pearl Street generously threw open their garage doors so everyone could see and hear the show even if they couldn't go inside. The monsoons had stopped, the bar was accessible from the patio, and the music was top notch.

Everywhere you looked musicians and fans screamed at the sight of each other as happy little reunions took place.

Iona Berberich, Chaz Powers and Martha Hull
In case you missed it, here's a short photo essay from the uber talented Alan Kresse who captured moments like these:

Johnny Castle and Ratso 

Eddie Angel
Martha Hull 
Tex Rabinowitz the Original Bad Boy

As much fun as it was, this event did not happen in a vacuum. With the exception of Tex Rubinowitz, who came out of retirement to honor Billy, most of the musicians on stage have been actively rocking lo these many, many moons and are still going strong.

This Saturday Ratso will come down from the mountain once again with his slightly newer project Lunch with Bob. Look for them at the Takoma VFW.  On Friday night long time local favorites Cravin' Dogs and The Walkaways will play Pearl Street Warehouse.   Please support local music and local venues. Don't let them become history.

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