Sunday, September 16, 2007

GHZ-Underattended but Over The Top

Everybody who did not show up to the GHZ gig because it rained should just crawl under the covers with regret. You missed an amazing show Friday night. They rocked the joint like it was sold out until 1 a.m., and they were even better than I remembered if that's possible. Dan Hovey is one of the few people I know who can make his guitar sound like a human voice- and he played until his tendons were on fire. Scott Giambusso, an iron solid bass player, gave everyone a strong backbone to play off of, and John Zidar punctuated the air with exclamations points of drumming that you don't see coming, but are just perfect. All three astounded the crowd, and even each other sometimes, and it's a great thing to watch a band this tight- doing what a band needs to do-play together. (It's not as simple as it sounds.)
Anybody who doesn't come see them play in November should have a doctor's note. Make the effort. These guys sure do. I predict GHZ will sell out the Capitol Center one day. It's just a matter of time. Mark my words.

Joe Dolan and John Stone of The Beatnik Flies made it.
(Turn around, John)
So did Kim Kane of The Slickee Boys...
Where were you?

P. S . Here's JOHN ZIDAR"S 2 cents on what Scott wrote above:

"I whimsically beg my daughter Rachel to change her name to Ginger on a regular basis because my other two kids HAPPEN to be named Eric and Jackie. The point of all that should be obvious ….

A small technical correction, I only appear to have 3 rack toms if you’re very, very drunk (SCOTT!!). Before the Ginger Baker fans out there explode with “Ginger only has two rack toms and two floors”, I want to clarify that that is my precise setup. I have made the set more ergonomic by putting the largest drum on the left so I don’t wrench my back playing “Sunshine”….. hey, WAKE UP, I’m laying out some drum shop talk here!!"

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