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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

GHZ's Time Machine

Do you remember when your friends used to get together and cover "Sunshine of your Love"
in somebody's basement or at a party? Maybe they murdered it, or maybe they were actually OK. Well, what if they had been practicing for thirty years or so, and got really, REALLY GOOD ?

The band GHZ hasn't been formally together for that long, but they play like they have, and all three, Dan Hovey, Scott Giambusso and John Zidar have been playing professionally for over 30+ years with the likes of people from Charlie Bird to Root Boy Slim. (combined that's 180 dog years) What really matters is they rock.

Catch them this Friday, September 14, at Out of the Way Cafe (you can say that again)
(No, really- it's worth the trek) at 17503 Redland Road in Derwood, MD.
Revisit 1968.

Or you can see Dan and Scott play an acoustic set from 8-11 this Thursday night, September 13, at 100 King Street, a joint with the same name and address in Old Town Alexandria.

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