Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's New ?

This Friday is all about new. New Surf Club owner J.B., who rescued this one of a kind place from near demise, is booking great new line-ups, and Friday's is a strong one. It seems like ages, but it was just seven months ago that I happened on 7 Door Sedan's first show. This new band gets stronger every time I see them- so much so that I find it painful to miss a show because then I'd miss a stage in their evolution.
Rambling Shadows has been around longer, (actually risen from the ashes of many DC bands as they put it) but this year with new drummer Tommy Carr, they are playing more shows, sounding trance-alicious. Plus they have a new CD out.
Tru Fax and the Insaniacs are the least new of the bunch which isn't a bad thing. This is the 4th decade in which they have agitated the scene, but this Friday night they'll be joined by a new bass player. Upon stalwart bassist Kenny Bugg's partial retirement, the one and only Jamie Cramer has agreed to try something new, being accustomed to playing lead guitar. The world eagerly awaits his debut.

If you haven't been out in a while, or if you're sick of just hearing about these bands and the Surf Club- then try something new yourself and get over there. The sounds start at 9. Some call it Hyattsville, some call it Bladensburg, and even others call it Hyattsville Beach-but what ever you call it, the drinks are reasonable, and there's pool tables to boot. Old club-new management- check it out.


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