Thursday, June 12, 2008

DC Rocks Turns ONE

I began writing DC ROCKS a year ago today. I started this whole thing in an effort to get away from my family. I love my family, but overgrown teenager that I am, I needed another place to go. I didn't know what I wanted to write about, but I wanted it to be about something else -something besides the DC/family stories that I was working on. My first posting was mostly about junking, but almost immediately local music and musicians began to creep into the format. Still I had no idea what a Godzilla of a theme this would turn out to be. Next thing I knew though the Fort Reno concerts were starting up so I wrote about that- then the Beatnik Flies had their first reunion concert, and I wrote about that. Soon music was filling the page.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I've always been a music fan. I got a guitar when I was ten. I sneaked into bars like Mr. Henry's to see bands. I thrived in college group houses where stereos were as necessary as air, and where The Back Room at The Varsity Grill was in staggering distance. Then came the 9:30 Club and dc Space. (I hung out there so much I once married a bartender, but that's a different story.)

Music has always been the landscape wherever I lived, and though I've scorned DC in the past, I am amazed now more than ever at the wealth of all kinds of talent here. I'm not an expert- in fact I pretty much rank myself as an advanced beginner in almost everything I've tried to do. But there are no rules here. I get to make this up as I go along, and it's been really fun to fall into it head first.

I want to thank everyone- my readers and friends for reading, encouraging and putting up with me.

You all make DC Rock.

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  1. HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY (or birthday?)!!!

    And many more to come...

    What a monster success you have created :)