Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Think It's About Food, or Maybe Wildlife?

There's a show at Chief Ike's at 1725 Columbia Road NW this Thursday night,
December 10, that I will go to because:

1. A guy I know is in one of the bands - Brown Chicken Brown Cow.

2. I looked up the origin of the apparently well-known phrase "Brown Chicken Brown Cow" and found things both interesting and disturbing, so now I am curious.

3. I asked him what the band was like and he said: "Peanut butter on toast with jam. Standard melted messy loud goodness." So then I thought food was involved.

4. The other bands are called Drunk Buddies and Savage Badger Vags. I have had some drunk buddies at various times and badgers are scary and peculiar animals.

Break out of your box and check it out.


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