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Friday, December 18, 2009

Makes Me Want to Shout

All the talent in this town past and present really does make me want to holler. There's a definite buzz around about Sunday night's "Still Screaming" show at the Black Cat - a reunion of the original lineup of the infamous Scream, joined by our own Rustbuckit and Dykstra from Lancaster PA.

Scream was a huge presence on the DC scene in the 80s and hasn't played together in about 15 years. But they're not just bringing a nostalgia trip. They've just recorded a 7 inch with Lee "Scratch" Perry and plan to play both old and new material. There's more in this AV Club interview with Peter Stahl.

As if that's not enough, Rustbuckit has been added to the show. As DC ROCKS readers know, these are the guys who are redefining "golden years,"and Boyd is threatening to include dancing girls in the band this time. An idle threat? You'll only know if you show up. I don't know Dykstra from Lancaster PA, but suspect there are no laggards on this bill. It sold out the Black Cat's Backstage quickly and has been moved to the Mainstage. Expect a capacity crowd and bring an unwrapped gift for Toys for Tots.

A note about our hometown's reaction to snow. While it can be annoying at times, it's also a good way to get ourselves a bit of a holiday and to slow down. By Sunday if you can get to a Metro you can get to the Black Cat on the Green Line.

Thanks to special DC ROCKS consultant Tom "DJ Tommy B" Berard for help on this post.



  1. hey, i have a tik. lmk if it gets cancelled, i was going to drive up from williamsburg today, but i waited.

  2. I saw Scream many times throughout the '80s, they were one of my favorites of the Dischord bands because they had a real rock & roll sensibility mixed in with punk, dub and other styles. I'm not familiar with the first band, but Rustbuckit is the perfect addition to the show since Boyd and Mike from Black Market Baby are in it. These reunion shows are always fun because you just never know who will be there...people who still live in the area but never go out anymore for various reasons, and those who are back in town for the holidays, as well as those of us who still go out to shows. So I'm going because both the music and the social scene will be good!