Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Live Theater Rocks

Nick Hornby's novel High Fidelity is about a bewildered, love lorn man who sees his romantic life as a series of mix tapes and Top Five lists. The book was written and set in England. The movie version, starring John Cusack, was made and set here in America, and the musical.... the musical? I, for one, am not a big fan, but a friend of mine was playing guitar in the Landless Theatre Company's production at DCAC, and tickets were cheap-just $25. So I went, not expecting much, and I was enthralled.
The cast was excellent- not a weak performance in the bunch. It was funny and dark and very well done- as clever as its title. Don't expect the familiar songs of the movie- the music is all original, and the band rocks. And it's not just me-critics and friends alike- from the curmudgeon to the consummate musician- everyone was impressed. The Landless production is back, for a very limited run, at The Warehouse- this Friday and Saturday only. Still only $25 in advance, and what a deal. Don't miss it!

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  1. cool

    I loved the book
    and loved the movie

    had not heard of the play!

    very cool