Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's A Honky Tonk Suburb

JV is the kind of place that will surprise you.
First of all the location is in a suburban shopping center which screams nondescript.
You have to know JV is there to stop for anything except maybe the Baskin Robbins next door. The surprise is JV boasts an atmosphere that is genuine Honky Tonk  with no apologies, and you will soon forget you are in a godforsaken spot on Route 50 just down from the circle of hell known as Seven Corners.
Next the music. 
If you are there before the band you will wonder where the heck they are going to fit much more than a harmonica player, but they do. I have seen at least five pieces. (Still if you sit in a front booth,  you can make a request without leaving your seat.)
Last amazing thing- how good the bands are especially when someone like guitar guru Dan Hovey shows up. Dan will be playing there this THURSDAY with, of all things, the Dan Hovey Band. 
As Dan says they will "start swinging about 9 and rocking about  about 20 minutes later."

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