Thursday, May 13, 2010

Surf Is Most Definitely Up This Saturday

East Coast surf may not be the legendary stuff that the West Coast is famous for, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the upcoming beach season with great local surf music.Dust off your board, get out your Flojos, and prepare to hit Iota for the Space Cossacks reunion show this Saturday night. (By the by Baltimoreans can catch the show Friday at Metro Gallery. These guys have such good posters I have to put them both up)

Here is the scoop from Catherine Gray of the Space Cossacks:

"We half jokingly talked about getting back together more than a year ago and decided to turn it into a ten year reunion tour from the time we disbanded. As we discussed it further we were overwhelmed by the positive encouragement to make it a reality. Ten to fifteen years ago there was nowhere near the web presence and social networking opportunities there are now. In the time we were apart, we acquired a much larger fan base all over the world that we never thought possible.

We are very excited to be together as friends and band mates again and play our songs for old fans and new. Unfortunately, it's probably a one time thing since we are spread over four states. But you never know... We will just ride this wave until the next one comes along!"

Opening for the Cossacks will be another
great inland surf band- the Atomic Mosquitos. They will get the party rolling and are reportedly "stoked" to play with their old friends after all these years.


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