Thursday, June 17, 2010

Troubadours Gots Soul

The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours got together about ten years ago, and quickly became a regular fixture at the Half Moon Barbecue in Silver Spring which featured great pulled pork up front and a tiny sometimes too hot sometimes too cold but much beloved space in the back where the bands played, but when it got too hot in there- they'd open the door to the back alley, and you could see a car go by now and then behind the band.*

But Time Marches On.

Now the Half Moon is gone, and the Troubadours' days are waning as all four members have fallen into different projects. Gigs are rare which is why the IOTA show with King Soul last December sold out EARLY- by 9 p.m. So heads up my fellow music lovers- this Saturday the band will be back at IOTA with original member/guitar hero Dave Chappell on board.

And you get your money's worth with the eight piece outfit that is King Soul. Way out front man, Tom Clifford is committed to looking after each and every one of y'all's soulful needs, as are those Troubadours turned soul men- Jake Flack and Mark Noone.(At least they didn't go far.) Chris Watling, Tom Ruggieri and Vince McCool (his real name) on horns and Arif Durrani on keyboards. Hula Monster Ben Holmes keeps the beat. Get there early-have a bite to eat and relax. Show starts at 9.

*That first run on sentence was brought to you in honor of Bloomsday- June 16th- when this article was actually written whilst contemplating Rockville and whether or not it was going to rain. Please pass the Guiness.

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