Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holidays Happen- Make the Best of It

In Washington there are a lot of social circles that twirl and hum quietly under that man made chaos otherwise know as the Federal Government. There are native types, student types and students that never left and went native types.

The best part of this crazy season is the parties according to someone I know, and sometimes those parties happen because of music bringing old friends together. This weekend look for two of these kind of shows- one from Bill Kirchen at Jammin Java and the other from Last Train Home back at IOTA.

Bill will be rocking his crowd on Friday night. Last Train is at IOTA tonight, Saturday night, and my personal favorite, Sunday afternoon which is an all ages show. Check out IOTA's new coffee bar and beer selection. Nothing says merry merry like caffeine or a cold beer with an old pal you've been meaning to call.

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