Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Up Close and Personal Shopping

In a panic about what to get your girlfriend's sister's kids? Have a stocking that needs stuffing?
Tired of wandering stores the size of the Grand Canyon looking for sales people that don't exist?
Try down sizing.

Sullivan's Toys and Art Supply has been in DC and in the Sullivan family since the 1950s.  Unlike the big boxes, it's short on space, but crammed with charm. If you know the ages of the kids you are shopping for- or at least have a ball park figure or a vague description- their staff of toy experts can pick and wrap your gifts. You're out the door-problems solved and off for a hot toddy.

They also have an amazing selection of helium balloons, art supplies and every stuffed animal known to man.

(By the way- if you see the two pixies pictured behind the counter above- tell them that DC ROCKS sent you.)

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