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Monday, December 26, 2011

New Space for This Place

Greetings Survivors of the Yule. Time to turn our thoughts to Other Things like the new club in town. Everyone is raving about The Hamilton- the newest venue from Clyde's featuring a large beautiful performance space which holds at least 300 people seated and more standing.

Tons of local bands are playing there coming up- too many for DC ROCKS to list, but for starters the schedule includes a humongous variety of local talent: David Kitchen, Wil Gravatt, Christylez Bacon, Soul Crackers and Justin Trawick- and that's just this week! The Hamilton is located in the old Garfinckles Department store building which was built in 1929.  inches away from Metro Center. The restaurant upstairs is open 24/7 in hopes of adding true night life to our sometimes stodgy downtown.

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