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Monday, March 19, 2012


Last night an international incident occurred at IOTA, and every musician worth their salt,  everyone that considers themselves to be a music fan needs to GO TO IOTA TONIGHT to see what promises to be another unforgettable performance by Shanren- a musical phenomenon from Mainland China on their first American tour.

This is not a drill, guys- this is the real thing.

DC ROCKS does not usually cover topics beyond the confines of our own Metropolitan area, but Shanren's  talent and sheer determination changed their lives, and all you have to do is get in your car or on the Metro to see and hear the joy that years of hard work can produce. If you don't believe me- here's what National Geographic has to say.

Their music is a fusion of modern rock and traditional roots- hard to describe and even harder to turn away from to get a beer. Make the exception and go out on a Monday.  See a band that came over 12,000 miles to perform for you, and see why it was worth it.

Opening for Shanren- The Weathervanes-a cool and capable DC band with American roots definitely showing.

$15 - a bargain in any currency.

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