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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Massive Local Rock Show Friday

 I asked Tony Blankenship for his take on all the bands sharing the bill with him at the Black Cat this Friday, and he did such a good job that I have to thank him for doing all my work.  I think I'll just mosey outside and ponder the encroaching daffodils while he tells you what's going on:

Nunchucks take classic guitar rock and mesh it with the pop-sensibility of modern indie rock. They've been referred to as "Shred-pop", which is just as awesome as the name implies. Seeing these guys reminds me of when I was in high-school and going to rock concerts felt like being in another world. I was excited by the whole experience, and everything that happened on stage had a certain magic to it. Their guitar player kills me every time I see him.

Maple has this late 70s meets 90s rock thing going on. Kind of like the guys from Queens of The Stone Age playing Cheap Trick songs. It's a sight to be seen: rocking vocal harmonies, dueling guitars, mid-song tempo change, and nothing seems out of place or off. They've been together for a long time. The chemistry these guys have on stage is a beautiful thing.

Cane & the Sticks have this really intense dynamic. A song can go from vicious, jagged, rock n roll savagery to a place where really sweet melodic guitar lines and female vocals in harmony lure you in. Their music is passionate: it's primordial, it's psychedelic, and it's anything but safe. I shared a bill with them last year at Fort Reno, and they blew my mind.

The Courtesans summon the ghosts of late 60s garage rock and early 80s power pop. We want to conjure a force of evil known to man as "the pop song." The material is catchy, without apology. The bass is very present and melodic with leanings towards New Order. (Tony didn't mention it, but I hear a little Vampire Weekend thrown in there, too.) 

This show is all ages, and seems to me, all decades are pretty much covered. That's five decades of musical influences for just $10!

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