Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DC ROCKS Summer Break

Summer is upon us.

Schools are out as of this Thursday in the District and just hatched graduates are already wreaking havoc in places like Ocean City and the Tastee Diner. "Sometimes things are slightly wonderful" as our friends in 7 Door Sedan would sing and "other days you have..."
Well, they leave it at that.

Mosquitoes are already ravenous, and threatening to take over DC. Ants have raised a tiny flag on my roof declaring the house a 24 hour cafeteria. The heat and humidity are pretty much only good for growing tomatoes and chia pets, but the weirdly warm winter did produce perks such as an abundance of mint which came in handy for the Mint Julep/ Mojito cocktail clash on Cinco de Mayo/ Derby Day this year.

Beaches beckon, and life does slow down as Congress empties out, and tourists wander in.  There's usually a breeze down at Fletcher's even on the hottest days, and there's plenty of free music out there this time of year including DC ROCKS' favorite venue Fort Reno which is off and running starting Monday, June 18th.

 Please note: DC ROCKS will miss Fort Reno's opening day as well as a good part of the next 10 days here on line due to that other slightly wonderful thing- Summer Vacation. Please feel free to post about upcoming concerts or other things DC centric, on the face book page.

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