Friday, June 8, 2012

Don't Wait 'Til The Thrill Is Gone

(Photo courtesy of Google Maps with Tom Cruise sitting in?)

Sometimes places are here for so long that you forget that they are still in existence. This could well be the case for Hank Dietles' Tavern on the Rockville Pike- one of those endangered species type bars that qualify for the Genuine Dive Status Requirements as follows:

1. There's a real good chance it's older than you are.

2. It's about the size of a large shed.

3. Modern stuff like a sound system and a flat screen TV may have  been added, but here's more important criteria:

A gum ball machine? Check

Old wooden booths? Check.

Plastic lawn chairs on site? Check.

4. And this- this might be the MOST important thing of all....It still has a phone booth. ( Yes, a very small enclosed confined space dedicated to the task of communicating with other humans for a small fee using a blunt instrument which we once called a "pay phone.")

Where better to see a band that's been around long enough to use pay phones and be packed with atmosphere and talent.  Catch the raw and powerful Johnny Castle with his Thrillbillys this SUNDAY evening at this classic dive starting at 5 p.m. (Early enough to have your fun and not be late enough to regret your choice on  Monday morning.)

Update- JUNE 8th:
Sadly- inexplicably- the phone booth has gone with the winds of change. Just another sad reminder to catch what you can when you can. On the flip side this reporter walked into Hank Dietles' tonight and found Billy Hancock playing a killer set with Warner Williams, plus Mark Noone, formerly of the Slickee Boys, sitting in for two songs. Enough said?

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