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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Get Thee to the Glen

photo credit: (c) Richard Cook 2001 

Glen Echo has a history of being abandoned. The Chautauqua movement had high hopes for this beautiful tract of land back in the 1880s but had to give up their dreams by 1900. A variety of entrepreneurs took over and turned the place into an amusement park which had many years of great success, but finally ended up as a troubled run down place by the end of the 1960s.  In a happily ever after sort of way, but slowly,  Glen Echo has recovered as a show place for all kinds of arts. Every weekend music abounds especially this Saturday when the Cajun And Zydeco Music Festival  runs from noon until midnight with local bands like Little Red and The Renegades and Sir Alan and the Calypso Ponzi Schemers during the day, and the evening culminates with a Zydeco dance in the Bumper Car Pavilion.

Next Friday (October 12th) The Vi-Kings will preside over what they are calling a "Hullabaloo in the Glen" which is a semi-private event, but those in the know (as in you dear reader) can go. The kicker is you need to buy tickets in advance at the Vi-Kings' web site because of Park Service regulations. Unlike a lot of cover bands, The Vi-Kings deliver a live kind of energy back to the bands you might have missed fifty some years ago when Glen Echo might have been ebbing, but the music of the Sixties was roaring. I try and see this band as often as possible for two reasons:

1. The sheer  fun of it
2. Bob Berberich

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