Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What Can You Do in 48 Hours?

Photo from Cairo Fred (Who Are Still Not Sleeping)

A lot of kids these days seem oversubscribed with swim practice before school, music lessons after school and weekends full of sporting events. Energy like that can dissipate as we get older, but my friend Gary continues to defy the curve. A typical night out for Gary, a musician and an economist, can include catching part of a symphony, taking in half an O's game, then cruising by the Quarry House for a last set there while I'm still contemplating getting out the door...

This Thursday the State Theater will show case people who can get things done in a short amount of time: the finalists  of the 48 Hour Video Contest. Twelve ambitious but sleepless bands and film makers were randomly married in creativity for this project and congratulations are in order. All twelve videos will be screened at the awards event, plus expect live music from Drew Gibson, The Beanstalk Library and Cairo Fred.  Sounds like an inspiring event for music, film and  time management fans.

Doors @ 6:30

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