Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DC Votes ?

Greetings from the territory known as the District of Columbia. We may not have a legal voice in Congress, but at least we have a very cool flag which became official in 1938 and was based on George Washington's coat of arms. 

It's election day, and though we have the right to vote for president, our ballot is pretty dang skimpy since Congress thinks collecting taxes without representation from us is A-OKAY.  Congress people also like to talk about how anti- Washington they are even while they are campaigning to come here to clog up the streets so I'm not sure why we want one of our own, but we do. (That being said, I want to thank Eleanor Holmes Norton for taking on what might be the epitome of a thankless job.)

My son, who is extremely politically aware, told me he considers his vote is pointless, but he voted anyway just for the absolute thrill of it, and I relieved he feels that way. Maybe one day he will believe his voice really does matter, and maybe it will be his generation that finally brings about that right to all of the denizens of DC.

In the meantime we still have a very cool flag.

Library of Congress 1938

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