Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thank You DC

Thanks Washington for keeping me writing.

Thanks for being such a small town that while I'm in line to vote, I meet the woman who bought Julia Childe's Washington home.  (And thank you NPR for throwing recordings of Julia on the radio just about every Thanksgiving. )

Thanks for warm golden days this late in November.

Thanks for my DC born parents who managed to pull together a Thanksgiving dinner for 40 some people for 40 some years even though it included my father doggedly staying out to rake leaves until dark which drove my mother up one wall and down the other.

Thank you for bands like The Thrillbillys who are playing JV's on Thanksgiving itself for all of those who really, really want to do something else. Plus:  The Grandsons have their annual Wolf Trap thing with special guests Derek Huston and Jon Carroll on Friday night. The ever nimble fingered Dan Hovey's at the Quarry House on Saturday.

And thanks to all of you who keep reading. You'll never know how much you all keep me going.

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