Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beltway Battle Cry

Beltway Opening August 1964/photo from DC Public Library

The Washington Beltway. Imagine a highway with no stop lights - a place where cars could orbit DC like space ships and drivers never worried about traffic jams. Well, that may have been what it was like in 1964, but the picture above ironically depicts what its like now with back ups happening at the drop of a dime and rush hours that last...well, for hours. At certain times of day we might as well get out of our cars and walk. 

But more on topic- remember those battle of the bands shows at high schools and youth centers?  Just such a rumble is a brewing this Saturday at the Greenbelt American Legion. Here's the word from  Bethesda boy Stock Wilson of the Vi-Kings:

"The Battle of the Beltway Bands is a throwback to the days of the great battle shows at venues like the Wedge* in Bethesda.The original NoWhere Men will pit the best of blue eyed soul against the pop/rock British invasion of the VI-Kings. This should be a great show for our friends who love to dance, loved the 60s and remember the great times they had at the teen-clubs and community center dances in around the DC area. Tickets are available on line or at the door." 

7-11 pm/ doors at 6/ $20

 And you, too, can get there on that pathway back to a simpler time- the Beltway.

*The Wedge was also called the Bethesda Youth Center...now the Writer's Center and for more of that musical story click here.

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