Friday, March 22, 2013

Sometimes On A Sunday

Sundays always struck fear in my heart dating back to the third grade when Mrs Jackson ruled my world. (We called her Battle-Ax Jackson) My classmates knew we were in for it when we came back from recess one day, and she'd overturned some poor kid's desk because she thought it was too messy. That woman scared the pants off everyone. And Sunday night meant there was only so much time left to do homework. On Monday mornings my solution would often be to fake a stomach ache.  My mom usually relented, but my dad would see right through me and make me go to school. Then I'd get in trouble both for not finishing my homework and for being late. Thank god that's over.

Instead of feeling scared and depressed on Sunday, now I can try and shake those old psychic chains by going out to take in a show. Bars are less crowded, and usually set  times start earlier than over the weekend. This Sunday rock blues influenced DC veterans The Nighthawks will be out at the Golden Bull in Gaithersburg. Here in town the Grogan Social Scene- an indie kind of folk alt rock poetic band will be at DC9. (We here at DC ROCKS try to get in all the musical genre adjectives.) The Galaxy Hut in Arlington has bands only on Sundays and Mondays so that's often worth looking into. Beats doing homework any night of the week.

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