Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rolling with the Red

I like autumn. I might like spring better because it has a happier tone to it, but fall days like the ones we've been having here in DC have really got me jazzed. I love the fluctuating temperatures and the mix of clouds and sun. The craziness of Halloween- not to mention the trees which shifted gears seemingly overnight this year. Maybe it was the golden tint of my sunglasses, but while driving to Annapolis last weekend, I couldn't help but enthusiastically point out the fantastic hues round every bend to my companion. What a variety of oranges, reds and yellows. Look at that, I yelled. And that!

He, however, likens turning leaves to harbingers of death....

while I prefer blazing little miracle.

Whatever your view on Nature's crimson show, you can cheer up or get down with Little Red and The Renegades. Little Red brings a Cajun kind of dance party with them wherever they go, and this Friday, you'll find them at  Haydees in beautiful tree lined Mount Pleasant. 

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