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Friday, December 13, 2013

Field Trip to Frederick

There once was a time in my life when finding the perfect Christmas tree was paramount. (I completely related to Charlie Brown's search for a sincere pumpkin patch, but not to his choice of pine foliage.) Sometimes the hunt took us to Florida Avenue Market where the tree sellers huddled around ash can fires. Other forays took my whole family to far flung farms between here and Frederick. We invariably would get lost at least once, but somehow my DC native dad would manage to find a half smoke on the menu when we stopped for lunch.

If you are out tree hunting, this is a good weekend to kill two birds with one rolling stone. (haha) Stop in and see DC music legends Martha Hull and Bob Berberich in their new enterprise-Vinyl Acres-a record and gift shop in downtown Frederick complete with great stories of the DC music scene.

And this Sunday only- also in Frederick- check out what Stephen Blickenstaff is up to when he's not playing theremin for the Atomic Mosquitos. His artwork is weird enough to please the hard to buy for on your list as well as  eccentric creatures all through the house.

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