Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Catch the Soul Train to Frederick

Spring fever brings the clarion call to get out of that cabin and sally forth. This Saturday, when the temperature is predicted to hit seventy, might be a good day to consider motoring up to Frederick. Once there, you could stop in at Vinyl Acres and maybe even visit with DC veteran rockers Martha Hull and Bob Berberich. Their record shop is about a two minute walk to where Bob is playing Saturday night in downtown Fred. Have a bite somewheres and meet up at the Weinberg Center- a cool old theater which will be featuring Ronnie Newmyer's colossal spectacular of Southern Soul. Ronnie has corralled talent from all over this burg including  Bob Berberich,  Jon Carroll, Tom Principato, Patty Reese and members of the Hardway Connection. That's just to mention a fraction of musicians who will be working their show with three bands: Soul Serenaders, Soul Crackers and King Soul. Tickets are $20, but you can get the DC insiders' discount by entering the promo code: "Tribute 20" which will shave off 4 bucks.

Don't feel like leaving town? The same circus of characters in the Soul tribute show will be at  Bethesda Blues and Jazz this Friday night.

And another alternative for Saturday?  Hang close in with DC's own Nighthawks- back where a lot of bands belong- in Georgetown at Gypsy Sally's.

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