Saturday, March 29, 2014

Last Rites

This week seems to be all about nostalgia here at the DC Rocks headquarters overlooking the wild and wooly Potomac River. At least the river has almost held its own although we did our best to kill it- especially in the sixties. Back then my parents sternly warned me never to go near its polluted waters.  (I always imagined my limbs withering away if I fell in by accident, but I never dreamed up snakeheads or that fish with two sexes. Yipes!)

Meanwhile it's going to be quite the going away party this Sunday up at Blob's Park, an institution that has seen everything from polka bands to Slickee Boys over its seventy plus year history. Julie Scharper at the Baltimore Sun has the full scoop.  She and I have written about the closing twice, but this time it doesn't look like the bulldozers are going away.

If you can't make it up to Jessup, check out The Bumper Jacksons- a new favorite of Ruthie Logsdon's-they'll be playing right here in town.  This crew has an old fashioned funky sound going with clarinet, trombone and upright bass to boot. Join in on their record release party at Sixth and I Synagogue and check out this very cool and unusual band. Too bad they didn't get to play at Blob's.

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