Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ch-ch Changes

A last slice at Luigi's

I admit I am adverse to change- especially when it comes to old things being torn down to make way for new. I miss old school Italian joints like Luigi's in Foggy Bottom and A.V. 's on New York Avenue. I miss parking in the senators' parking places at National Airport when I ran in to meet a plane. (Yeah, I go way back with my List.)

BUT, on the other hand, nothing works a change better than spring time in Washington.

We've got all those cherry trees and that very cool yard ornament from Japan. Soon you'll be able to tiptoe though the tulips courtesy of Lady Bird Johnson. Or head down to Fletcher's to watch the mayflies and catch the shad running. (That's one thing I wish they would change- that hair raising,  narrow-ass entrance right off Canal Road; it scares the pants off me.)

As the temperatures fluctuate, and we wait for the last freeze-usually between April 15th and May 1-here are a few pictures to remind us to hang in there:

Connecticut Ave last Sunday 

Shadblow trees bloom when the fish are running

Rock climbers at Carderock

Fletcher's Cove- worth that hairpin turn

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