Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good Things Come in Tiny Venues

(picture courtesy of Gerald Martineau)

What is it about little dives that grabs me? Is it the guitar hangers on the wall? The portrait of the owner watching all the bands? Maybe's it's the feeling that you might meet someone new, or that anything can happen, and that the experience will be a lot looser and more fun than a perfectly choreographed show.  Last time I was in JV's, I  ran into a couple who had driven all the way down from New York to see The Thrillbillys, and they were not disappointed- not even when Mark Noone sat in for a song.

This Thursday's show is brought to you by The Soul Serenaders- one of those local super groups featuring players like Tommy Lepsom,  Billy Price, Pete Ragusa and Dan Hovey just to mention a few.  These guys are all pros, and they'll cram their talent onto that tiny stage and give it all they've got- no matter how small the crowd is.  (And for you more upscale types, you can catch them in the act again this Saturday at Bethesda Blues.)

JVs is about to expand into the space next door, so if you want to see the original mccoy- plan a trip (or two) soon.

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  1. Mark Noone on any given night is the world's greatest rock guitarist! I've seen it happen at the Quarry House... a mighty rocker.