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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Find Your Inner Wild Child

Do you remember when art and dancing came naturally?
We come into this world wired to rock and roll and to create masterpieces.  I, for one, was incredibly proud of the abstract I created circa the mid sixties. The medium involved a lot of red and white finger paint on paper, crisscrossed by exuberant black lines. I'll never forget: our whole kindergarten class got to dip a string in a can of black paint and whap our paintings with impunity.

(yes, i still have it)

As soon as we can stand up, we dance. We danced the Twist, we danced to the Beatles. Even better, we danced to goofy songs playing in our heads. Pot lids were rhythm instruments, and everyone was Keith Moon.

You might have to go back to second grade to recapture that state of mind. Or kindergarten.  Some studies indicate we start losing creativity when we go to school. (Imagine that.) But lucky for us, some people don't lose "it," and what's more, others are still bringing it to those that can't or won't anymore.
(As my good friend Anne would say: "god bless the freaks.")

That being said two crazy ass shows are happening back to back this week. First on Thursday night Jake Starr's new incarnation Go Mod Go will be headlining at the Rock and Roll Hotel, and he's bringing a whole mod/retro crew of wild folks to the bandstand with him including The Yachtsmen and the El- Reys.

Friday night the Strathmore Mansion will be stormed by veteran DC rockers Tru Fax and The Insaniacs, The Atomic Mosquitos and The (can't play enough this week)  Yachtsmen. Putting this show over the top will be artwork from Diana Quinn and Stephen Blickenstaff (whom I'm guessing never did color between the lines.)

Both shows are way too much fun for the mere $12 cover.

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