Thursday, May 22, 2014

More Trash Talk

I don't often write about things political, but in case you haven't heard, "Supercangate" is "on" in the District, and I heard Vincent Gray on WAMU this morning saying the move to supply every residence in DC with new Supercans was not motivated by politics.

Oh, come on.

This remark had me yelling at the radio as I can not take it when my intelligence is so directly insulted.

The vfliers for the "new" super can came out just before the DC primary last April.
In the past,  residents had to pay a fee to replace their old Supercan (I think it was around $65) and then suddenly we are all getting newer, bigger ones... for nothing?

Why not ask residents if they needed or even wanted a new bigger trash can? ( Older residents can hardly push these 96 gallon behemoths around.) And what to do with all those old garbage bins?
They were supposed to be picked up and recycled, and that's not happening either.

Now Gray, a lame duck mayor, has a lot bigger mess to clean up than that pesky shadow campaign.
Not political? Once again I've got to hand it to Jake Flack of the Rhodes Tavern Troubadours for calling them like he sees 'em- even back when it was Marion Barry's Supercan.

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