Thursday, July 24, 2014

All Hail Holly's

Beach season is peaking now, and it seems like half of DC is roaming the boardwalks of Bethany and Rehobeth while the other half is down in Ocean City getting a body part tattooed or pierced. Traffic can be the stuff of nightmares- especially if an accident happens near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  I have no solution for this problem, but there is a balm, also known as a chocolate milk shake at Holly's.

When my parents were young and short on funds, there was no Bay Bridge, only a ferry. They would load the kids, towels, bathing suits and lunch into the car and make the 4 hour trip to the shore for the day.

For the day.

Ocean City 1950

Whatever method they used to cross over to the Eastern Shore, my dad liked to stop at Holly's Restaurant for a chocolate milk shake. Holly's has been around since the 1950s, and the inside feels as if time stood still with wooden booths, tile floors and a counter top flanked by chrome and vinyl stools. There's even an old water fowl gun hanging over the kitchen door - right near the picture of the original owners- the Ewing family- not far from the antique weight machine and stoves.

You can still stop in for a bite at Holly's- although it takes a bit of tactical planning and engineering to get off Route 50 now, but it's well worth it - especially if you like endangered species like family run restaurants. If you are lucky, the iconic soft shell sandwich will be available. It's like eating a crunchy delicious spider on white bread. (and if that description turns you off, well... the more for me) Places like this are disappearing at an alarming rate, and I am truly sorry to say, Holly's is no exception. The property has been sold.

(Think Royal Farms by next year. Ugh. )

Good bye old milk shake machine. Good bye wooden booths and the weight machine near the bath rooms. Good bye Maryland crab soup, fried chicken and soft shell sandwiches.  Farewell to home made ice cream. Get that milk shake while you can.

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