Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dispatch from "Away"

I mentioned last time that most of DC is down at the shore these next few weeks, but August is when the town truly feels empty. Where has everyone else gone? Up North, also known as "the Land of the Enemy" according to my friend Paul, who was "born on a mountain top in Tennessee," but has lived near Bangor, Maine for over twenty years now. In that time he has discovered that if you (and your grandparents) were not born here, you are "from away"

I have to confess, DC Rocks is reporting from "away" right now, but looking forward to returning to DC in hopes of trying the long awaited, newly minted beer from Bardo-the now fully functioning brew pub on Bladensburg Road. (Some of you might remember the proprietor, Bill Stewart whose earlier incarnations included BBQ Iguana, Roratunga Rodeo and Bardo Rodeo)

Bardo has been open for about a year now, but has had set backs due to permitting and licensing issues.  Brewing as we speak, Stewart will be bringing back a lot of the old recipes he used in Virginia including the Marion Barry lambic.  Check the web site before you go; Bardo's own is due to be ready in the next few weeks, but the exact date is still uncertain. Surrounded by razor wire and chain link, Bardo is a little outpost, frequented by bikers (not the motorized type) and unlike many new places in town- has a completely unvarnished and eclectic appeal. Welcome back to DC, Bill.

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