Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Soundz

Friday Night. The work week is over; Congress has gone home, and an August evening in Washington is something for us homies to savor in this half empty town. If you are looking for something to do,  Troublefunk and the Junkyard Band at the historic Howard Theater has got to get my vote for the penultimate Washington experience. For the nostalgic amongst you who are not into go-go,  the name Catfish Hodge should ring a bell. You can find him live and still kicking at JVs in Falls Church.

And last but not least, Luke Brindley is having a CD release party at his own home base, Jammin Java over in Vienna. I got a sneak preview of the album. Think mason jars and mandolins- a down home folk club kind of thing going on here for those of you in a more mellow frame of mind.

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