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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Something Is Brewing in DC

Hard to be crabby with DC Brau flowing

Ladies and gentlemen; beer lovers everywhere. The craft beer craze has taken over the Capital-spawning brew pubs and IPAs- all running amok. This month alone, Bardo's started brewing their own,  and Mt Ranier is all abuzz about the new Brookland Pint which just opened near there.  Beer Week kicked off last night with a DC Brau crab fest at the Quarterdeck, and plenty of events coming up through this Sunday.

Yes, beer week.

Who knew DC would become this kind of town.

Bob Tupper presiding @ Folk Club

For me, it started when I spotted Tupper's Hop Pocket Ale- a brew that caught my eye because Bob Tupper was my history teacher in high school. (as well as my beloved Folk Club advisor)
I knew that he and his wife Ellie were into beer because when I painted their house as a college student, I saw their phenomenal beer can collection. At the time I thought it was just kind of weird. I didn't realize they were dead serious about hops until I was lucky enough to catch one of Tupper's beer seminars at the Brickskeller before that scene fell apart. The Tuppers, however, are still drinking and still brewing- and their latest effort will be in partnership with Lost Rhino. Read all about them in the City Paper's "Beer" issue.

As we speak I am sitting at a table at Boundary Stone in Bloomington, where a battle of the beers is going on: DC Brau vs Three Stars. The scoring is tight, but so far DC Brau is leading by a star. It's a challenge to keep up with all the local brews coming out, but the gauntlet has happily been thrown. Come out to one of these events and judge for yourself.  (Please xcuse any typos)

 DC Brau @ Bardo's with Sense of Humor completely in tact

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