Friday, February 20, 2015

Calling All Juvenile Delinquent Wrecks

Once upon a time children used to have all kinds of fun in Washington DC. Look at my cousin Peter Sclavounos, above, tooling about town in style sometime around 1940. Used to be you could wade in the reflecting pool, skateboard down the Washington Monument path, and climb on that weird Giant that used to live at Hain's Point.

But now there's no sledding on the State Department steps much less on Capitol Hill which last time I looked was supposed to belong to WE the people.

What's a kid to do? Write to their congressperson ? Well, no. You can't do that either if you live in Washington, D.C. because we don't have one.

And that, my friends, is why they invented rock and roll. Teach your children well; teach 'em how to stick it to the man. Take them to the Avalon tomorrow morning and let them see the RTTS transform this historic landmark of a movie theater into a roiling mosh pit of tots. Concert starts at 10 a.m. sharp.

Come out and have some fun before that becomes a misdemeanor, too.

rtf fans olivia and august 

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