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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What I Don't Know

Local singer songwriter Billy Coulter wrote me a while back and asked if I would cover his show coming up at Jammin Java this Thursday with John Eddie. I didn't want to betray my ignorance, but I had no idea who John Eddie is, much less that he had an album with that sentiment in mind. 

Since I can surf the 'net as well as the next guy, I now know John Eddie is a singer songwriter from Richmond who moved to New Jersey once but lives in Nashville now. He is my age, he's played with Bruce Springsteen and once opened for the Kinks, but for the real low down, here's the skinny from  Billy who is both a musician and a far more knowledgable fan:

"I admire the earnest and confessional sort of songwriting that Ian Hunter and John Lennon practiced. It's something I strive for in my own songs. John Eddie has that talent and also possesses a wry sense of humor, so he doesn't take himself too seriously. Plus, his live shows rival the kind of energy and enthusiasm that his pal Bruce Springsteen made famous. My band is gonna rock an opening set of nothing but our best material to get this audience pumped."

What I do know is that's a bargain. 

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