Friday, September 4, 2015

Curate Your Weekend

Hello there, dear readers. This reporter is still blissing out in a self imposed news ban bubble, but I've heard things here and there. None of them good, of course- some even horrifying- so I think I'll linger off the grid a little longer this last weekend of summer.

Instead I'm thinking about my friends both past and present. I'm thinking how lucky I am to have so many close relationships with fellow earthlings, although too often the natural consequence of these connections can lead to abrupt heartbreak due to that dude the Grim Reaper. Throw in limiting time factors- things like jobs and other commitments, and our companions can fall by the wayside. Perhaps an extra day tacked on to this weekend is a good chance to curate your crew, so why not call up a friend or two and go get crabs?  (Ha. I'll bet you thought I was going to say go see live music. Right? Did I get you?)

Down at Maine Avenue the construction cranes might out number the boats, but you can still find Captain White and his neighbors peddling seafood on their floating barges- at least for now. The master plan for waterfront development calls for these anachronistic markets to stay, but eviction rumors are flying, and when push comes to shove we all know who tends to lose. In the meantime make your protest loud and clear by getting your Chesapeake crustacean fix at this DC institution. And speaking of native life, Trouble Funk, EU and more will be playing The Howard this Sunday. If you call yourself a music lover, and you don't know who Big Tony is, do NOT miss this show. And if you do know, then you already know you want to go-go.
Take a friend.


  1. We're we gnawing on crabs in that picture?

  2. We're we gnawing on crabs in that picture ?

  3. Hey, is that Sarah Levy in that photo?