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Thursday, September 10, 2015

What Good Is Life in the Jet Age Without Music?

Right in tune with my ongoing news and talking heads blackout, a rather appropriate press release flew across my desk this morning like a miniature missile:

"It's been another shitty year in America, another year where I have to really wonder what the hell I've gotten my kids into," says Eric Tischler, songwriter, guitarist and singer for The Jet Age, about the inspiration behind his band's latest record, Destroy. Rebuild." 

I'm listening to the new CD now. (instead of the usual NPR Morning Edition)  The songs are dark and mesmerizing, but not depressing, and this DC born and bred project bottles up a crazy mad energy which emerged straight out of Eric Tischler's home studio. Fortunately for us The Jet Age will be unleashing that genie this Saturday night at Villain and Saints in Bethesda.

Also on Saturday, across the river at IOTA, Herschel Hoover has set up another crazy line up of bands he loves to turn people onto while playing a rather mean set himself with his group the Chess Club Romeos. The last euphonX event Herschel threw was so much fun that I stayed out past my bed time.

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