Thursday, December 3, 2015

Abaad Rocks

My internet service has been sketchy for a long time, but last Sunday it went completely kaput. After introducing me to a couple of nice guys in India, Verizon finally sent over a real live person today.  This guy crawled all over the house, inside and out and finally discovered that the phone line had been cut, then taped up by some nimrod. Meantime all week my son has been doing his math homework on his cell phone, and bad girl that I can be, I didn't do my homework at all.

Thank goodness, now that the new line is up, and I'm back in cyber land, my virtual desk is close enough so I can look over John Kelly's shoulder and copy off his paper. Lucky for me, his inspiring Washington Post story about long time DC rocker Abaad Behram is the perfect prelude to this Friday's show at Villain and Saint featuring  Johnny Bombay and the Reactions and Jake Starr and exactly what I wanted to write about.

See you there.

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