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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hell Bent to Party

Growing up I thought I'd never forget certain events in my life even though new memories were storming the castle every day. Now I suspect when I'm not paying attention, my brain drop kicks piles of stuff to the back of a very dark closet. My fifth birthday party? Gone. First date? Think it might have been bowling. Later in college at UMD, I remember frequenting many a smoke filled bar on Route 1 and watching a lot of live bands rock through, both on and off campus, but only Root Boy Slim sticks in my memory right now. He played the old Back Grill. (Or was it the Back Room?)

Enter my fellow Terp, Jeff Krulik. Leave it to him to think of filming the parking lot party before a Judas Priest show at the Capital Centre in late May 1986.  He and fellow film maker John Heyn somehow captured the essence of this zany little scene where everyone held Budweisers instead of cell phones and "punk belonged on Mars, man." Over the years, this project has cask aged into the vault of cult film. Who knew it would last longer than the Capital Centre itself?

The 30th anniversary of "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" will be celebrated this Friday with an exhibit opening at the Clarice Center. The party- I mean event- will include a screening of the film, discussions, music and items from UMD's newly acquired  "Jeff Krulik Collection."

Wow. Congratulations, dude.

Free- though reservations recommended. More details here.

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