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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Grin If You Remember

I've noticed lately that cyber-land seems to have a space for everyone's madness- especially things nostalgic. DC has its own microcosms with groups from the vague...

"You Know You Grew-up in Washington DC If You Remember"

to the more specific...

"Psyche Delly Bethesda"

to the micro focused...

"Nightclub 9:30 (9:30 Club) Old School F Street Location Fans Unite."

But I think there should a squad called:

 "If You Grew Up Anywhere Near Bethesda Then You Have A Story About Nils Lofgren."

Nils is our "George Washington Slept Here" of rock n roll. Back in the day, he played every party and lived in more group houses than Abbie Hoffman. When I moved into my grandmother's house in the 1980s,  the left over hippies next door told me he used to practice there. "White Lies?" Maybe. But a lot of us knew who he was, and even more knew the band Grin which was relatively short lived, but long in local legend.

For those of you who feel like "Goin Back" (and for those who have no idea what I am talking about) Friday night the music will come alive again at Bethesda Blues under the banner of a Newmyer Flyer tribute show. Original backbone of the band (and another DC legend) Bob Berberich will be on drums playing with Tom Lofgren and other brothers (not Nils.. although we could start that  rumor now.)

Full details here.


  1. It will be a great pleasure to hear those songs. Jammed on them since 71 or 72. Had so many copies of Grin and 1+1!! Still have them!!

    1. They were great, now we need GRIN AGAIN + "1" !!!