Thursday, October 15, 2015

An Octopus's Garden Under Water

A few weeks ago much needed rains swamped our area bringing relief to area gardens, but too much water for the folks at Vinyl Acres up in Frederic.  Although most of the store's inventory was ruined in the resulting flood, the music history here can't be squelched considering the proprietors, Bob Berberich and Martha Hull both hail from deep in the bedrock of DC's music scene.

Fresh out of St John's High School, Bob Berberich hung his high hat with The Hangmen, a group that had DC girls swooning in the 1960s and their hit "What a Girl Can Do" was number one on the local charts.

Bob later played with the Rosslyn Mountain Boys and also with Nils Lofgren in Grin.  Here they are outstanding in their field.

Meanwhile in a remote corner of Bethesda, Martha Hull went to Walter Johnson High and dreamed of being the lead singer for the Slickee Boys. The rest is local rock history as far as that goes, and anyone who ever saw her perform will find it hard to forget how well Martha delivers the song.

 You can help keep this cool little store rocking by donating here or by attending the swinging re-opening party this Saturday. Live music starts at noon and promises to run all day and then some.

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