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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Slippin' Into Darkness

October in Washington DC, and we find ourselves once again on a planet tilting tragically away from the sun. As the trees struggle with the DTs of chlorophyll withdrawal, we humans tend to seek solace in costuming under the cloak of an ever deepening twilight. Disturbing apparitions replace summer flowers while front yards are transformed into theaters of the macabre.

And most scary of all?
Big plastic bags o' tiny treats piling up all over the place. Just one won't hurt, right? They're so little after all...NO!
Step away from that mini Mars bar. Drop that bite sized Reese's Cup. Put. Down. The Jujubes.

DC ROCKS' recourse for denying those sugar lovin' soul sucking demons is to lock those seemingly harmless snack sized Snickers in a closet and tell someone stronger than yourself to hide the key until just before dusk on Saturday when the little ghouls will come a begging.

But have mercy on our souls for the flesh is weak. Distract yourselves from that tempting closet door by attending the Halloween Howl  at Bethesda Blues on Friday where you'll find all kinds of monsters making merry melodies ...

On All Hallow's Eve itself,  opportunities abound to get out and "listen to the children of the night."

For starters Roaddog will be howling at El Golfo in Silver Spring.

The Vi-kings spook up spirits of the '60s at Bethesda Blues...

 "The Dead Will Rise" at Villain and Saint with Black Muddy River Band...

And last but not least- just up up the Pike- the Ubangis and the Rock-A-Sonics will be scaring things up at Hank Dietles- an old road house haunt for many a lost soul.

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